MAKE MORE MONEY with Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing, including postcards, full color flyers and newsletters are marketing tools that are designed to reach small and large audience. These audiences receive many thousands of such messages a day and so it is vital that all are designed for maximum impact in terms of the images and layout used and the delivery of the messages. In addition for both to work effectively it is vital that the appropriate target audience is reached. We can supply you with general or specialized Direct Mail advertising business or residence lists.

Benefit from our Masters Direct Mail Package

We not only photograph, design, print, research and whatever else needs to be done to create your campeign but we allso handle fulfilment. Realtors especialy love not having to handle the mundain task of printing and mailing postcard on a weekly basis. Let our fulfilment experts keep track of your regular mailings leaving you more time to focus on your areas of expertise. Your Direct Mail printed brochure, postcard printing or printed catalog will receive the best postage rates available. You can also save on lists that our Direct Mail services canĘprovide you for your next Direct Mail campaign.

Let Us Save You Money On Your Direct Mail Campaign

Even for the ocasional mailing you can take full advantage of the best rates we can provide for you by means of our cutting edge software Direct Mail. We will sort and can remove duplicates in your lists, and we will zip append and bar-code the materials you will be printing to get you the best rates and save you the most money possible on your campaign.

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